Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Spicing it up...

Nano threw up several firsts - first completed novel, first try at a contemporary setting , first love scene, yep, first time my characters have moved beyond the attraction to the consummation. I have come close before - there have been passionate kisses, intense attractions, physical flirtations - but as I have never before finished a novel I have never actually had to go all the way.
There are two love scenes in Writing for Love, the first is fairly early at the end of Chapter Five. I reached the critical point whilst writing at my gym, watching my daughter have a tennis lesson. First rule, don't write a love scene in public. I was convinced everyone knew what I was writing and they were all reading it over my shoulder. My cheeks were scarlet as I typed.
Second rule - you have to be comfortable. Mills and Boon assure us that we can be as explicit, or not as we prefer but the truth is many of the most successful writers allow their characters to at least get naked. I discovered that I can't do really explicit scenes. Some can, and they do them well, but anything that needs euphemisms or lots of erotic description is a step too far for me. I felt that the book needed a little spice, being left coyly at the bedroom door as mouths descend can be a little frustrating, so there is no doubt what my characters are doing, but how they are doing it is left to the reader's (vivid) imagination.
Thanks to Doris and Morton for all their really helpful comments so far, especially where Chapt 5 is concerned! Morten especially has picked up just where my writing and plotting got lazy as word count took precedence over quality. Anyone else who wants to read it drop me a line and I'll send you an invite, all comments welcomed.