Friday, 21 February 2014

In which I finally get to do a giveaway!!

It's funny this waiting-to-be-a-published-author time. A little like being pregnant only with coffee and wine and brie and slightly smaller ankles. It's really all about the waiting. `

Life carries on, you carry on writing partly buoyed by the knowledge that Someone Thinks You're Good Enough to Publish - and partly daunted that someone thinks you're good enough to publish and this next book better be worthy of that, only what if it isn't? Plus this time you have deadlines.

And then things happen. Things that make you realise that the publication date is creeping closer and closer. You get a cover and back copy. You give in and get addicted to Pinterest and join Goodreads and are too busy to blog. You then organise a blog tour whilst not being entirely sure what that means and worry you should be directing people towards your book on Netgallery.

Which is when things hot up. Two amazing things happened this week. I got my first Romantic Times review.I have to admit I was very, very nervous about this one, my very first professional review but I was absolutely thrilled - four stars (Four!) and you can read the lovely things they said here:

And today I made sure one UPS guy will never ever deliver to my house again when I greeted his arrival with squeals and excitable yelps as I said 'It's my book, it's my book' over and over again. Did you get that UPS guy? It was MY book.
A whole box of my book!

It feels a little mean not to to give at least one copy away, much as I want to gaze upon their shiny perfection forever (my precious). The working title for this book was Summer Fling so all you have to do is either write in the comments below or like my Facebook page and comment there, tell me the most perfect place you can imagine to have a summer fling. I'll notify one lucky (that feels a little presumptuous doesn't it??) winner next week!