Friday, 8 October 2010

Tears and wallowing

For two days fellow newbies and I have been anxiously checking out the New Voices site for the list of all those who nearly made it and who will be contacted after the competition ends, plus I have been waiting for my critique. We all thought we'd find out yesterday and it was after 9pm when I finally gave up. Today I decided NOT to spend the day glued to the computer so went out to play tennis then into town. This sounds more strong willed than I actually am - I could check the site on my phone and did at 5 min intervals. Apologies to the many many people in York I walked into as I stared fixedly at the tiny screen willing my name onto there. Lunch in the library (phone by my side)off to the shops and was trying on a skirt (it looked awful) when there it was. And there I wasn't.
Confession time - I felt numb, then as I walked back to the car I phoned my husband, tears were shed and I told him this was it, I'm giving up. Truthfully right now I feel that way but I know tomorrow I must dust myself off and recover from this - and I have my detailed critique to show me the way.
I was surprised by some of the choices in the Top Ten and have to say the surprise continues. Of course unlike the editors I haven't read all 820 entries but to me there are some glaring omissions and inclusions I just don't understand, either in terms of plot or writing (sounds petty I know but if I can't be honest here were can I - and it's just a few). I did write a list of all the chapters that I was surprised didn't get through first time and NONE were on the second list. So if you do get a chance to get onto the New Voices site here are the chapters I strongly recommend:
True Love Sucks by Xandra James
Infatuation & Injustice by Janet Dobbs
Cougar Mum & Cub Dad by Cara Cooper
Back for Good by Susan Watkins
In the Duke's Bed by Miranda Liasson
Shakespeare's Secret by Dana Fisher
Duel for Love by Kathryn Beresford
Sequins and Secrets by Joanne Pibworth


Xandra James said...

First of all, I'd like to say I'm flattered by you mentioning my chapter in your post. You have no idea how much of a bolster that gave my confidence after this afternoon, so thank you ((hugs)) xxx

And, as you rightly said, tomorrow is another day. We'll take another look, push the disappointment back and move on with our writing.

I personally feel you have so much writing talent - it would be a crying shame to walk away from it right now. And i think the critique you'll get will point this out too (and ok, maybe one or two tough truths but it's all good because you'll learn hugely from this)

The hardwork will start again tomorrrow - our personal pity parties will be over by then! lol. So chin up and i'll catch up with you soon :)

Sophia Harrop said...

Huge hugs. It's been a tough day. I've felt sort of confused for most of the afternoon and my thoughts keep swinging round to aiming at a completely different sort of writing, and then back to persevering with the historical romance, because that's where a part of my heart is, and because I've started so I'll finish.

Hey, don't you dare give up now. You're nearly there IMO and I (and others) will be there to help you get your first chapter to be something the eds will love.

Tonight though, I think we deserve a bit of wallowing. I intend to be Eating Woman shortly. I've got a lasagne in the oven and I'm going to make CHIPS with it. And I shall be having SECONDS. And I'm going to pop out to get a bottle of wine as well. That's my kind of wallowing. (Will worry about "starting again" with the writing tomorrow - and about how on earth to get rid of the extra calories, heh heh!)

Julia Broadbooks said...

I agree. Sometimees a bit of wallowing isn't a bad thing at all. And then you dust yourself off and keep writing!

Evangeline Holland said...

I completely agree with everyone else's comments. Even though I can do a snoopy dance about my entry being short-listed, I have to pick myself up and keep writing just like all of my fellow Newbies. It's knowing that there are 70+ awesome writers in our Facebook group that makes me want to dig in and do you guys proud, and I can't wait to see what you, or Xandra, or Sophia, or Julia, etc will write next!