Monday, 28 March 2011

Audible inspiration

My target of 10,000 words over the weekend was laughably ambitious but I have finally moved onto the hero's POV and the first draft is officially started. I may have trouble getting the story down on paper (actually on screen, I type) but the idea, the characters and the plot are all firmly fixed in my head.
One of the things we covered on the course was where to get ideas from. Jessica said hers all came from asking herself the question "what if", watching films, reading books, people watching, catching momentary interactions and weaving stories about them. Now coming up with the stories has never been my problem, since I was tiny I have been "what iffing" and making up stories, wandering round in a day dream, weaving scenes far from my every day life.
My current work in progress was inspired by several different sources. The first is a song "Dakota" by the Stereophonics. I love this song, and despite being neither welsh or gravelly like to think I have made it peculiarly my own on the Wii Sing It. It's a song about looking back, about first love and summer. When I hear it I can smell cut grass, feel a warm summer breeze and momentarily, just for a split second experience that heady, intense yearning of teenage attraction. But the bit that really gets me every time is this verse:
"I wonder if we'll meet again
And talk about life since then
Talk about why did it end

You made me feel like the one
You made me feel like the one
The one"

I want to answer those questions, talk about life since then, talk about why it ended. And so, slowly, the plot to my WIP was born.

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Teresa Morgan said...

Keep at it! Just keep at it! You'll get there.