Friday, 21 September 2012

Summer, holidays & puppies

My thespian family dressed in their Mystery Play costumes
Just when it felt like summer may just have finally made a belated appearance it turned out that autumn was hot (cold) on its heels. It has been a chilly few days in York; tights, gillets and boots have been dug out and even seasoned Yorkshire folk have toyed with the idea of putting the heating on. Normally I love autumn, the leaves, the crispness in the air but this year I feel hard done by. I like my seasons to come in order and leave an impression not rush by with scarcely a deviation in temperature.
It was an odd summer. The Olympics and York Mystery Plays turned our lives upside down and all attempt at routine was lost - which played havoc with my writing and blogging. Not that I didn't have ideas, I had lots, just not the time or energy to get them down on paper. They included:

  • The history of York Mystery Plays (not writerly but as both my OH and daughter devoted over 4 months to it they were the event of the year in my household. They were spectacular btw)
  • My significant birthday and the resolutions I made upon it (write more, eat less, try & get up earlier)
  • Stephen King Was Right or Routine is Important
  • SYTYCW or here we go again although I should know better and am not prepared cue yet another frantic rewrite
  • The evolution of Minty through six SIX rewrites 
  • My awesome holiday to Austria, how it recharged what turned out to be very flat batteries and inspired lots of story ideas with amusing anecdotes (trust me, they were funny involving schnapps, hotel bands & the Heidi song)
  • This was our view sigh*
  • The awesomeness of Andy Murray's double win with some painstaking analogy about how working and waiting will get results
Instead however I am going to introduce you to the newest member of the household. He is very cute and very naughty and in just 5 days has turned our lives upside down. As it should be. Just think how much plotting I'll get done when walking him...


Charlotte Phillips said...

Oh that view is amazing! And your new addition is just adorable. It's insane when you first get them home isn't it. Totally worth it though - who else is THAT delighted to see you when you get up in the morning? Every time! Dave was the perfect foil for my teenagers who'd just reached the point at which they interact with me as little as possible and never before 10am.

Enjoy every second. X

Rose Red said...

He is ridiculously cute, you can't help but smile at him. Which in a freezing cold, post holiday pre SYTYCW state is a really good thing. Plus he will be the perfect age when already-moody nearly 9yo thinks the world is agin her,to sit and listen to long, confidencesand absorb hormonal tears!