Sunday, 7 October 2012

Relentless harassment (so sorry!)

You can never please all the people all the time (note to self; if ever lucky enough to be in a position to get reviews then remember that. It is NOT personal!) and when you open a competition up to public debate there are always going to be some strong opinions. Last year's New Voices competition came in for an certain amount of criticism from a vocal minority not just for the rose bombing (brutal) and some  perceived negative comments but also for the first shortlist; favourites were missed out (not mine *beams at Charlotte Phillips and her 3 book contract*) and there were some contentious inclusions.

So I completely see why it was changed this year. One vote a day from an IP address to cut down on vote manipulation (so I can't get my whole office to vote, damn!), no comments and completely left up to voting apart from 3 wildcards. I do miss the comments though; there have been entries I have desperately wanted to comment on but as I have no idea who the author is I haven't been able to.

we are not allowed to bribe people to vote;
 so puppy pictures are not a bribe, merely an incentive...
The problem with public voting is that, with 700 entries, how could anyone make a really informed choice? Much as I'd like to be zen about the whole thing and leave it to the fates I can't;  with just 3 up for grabs the odds of a wildcard are pitifully slim, so painfully, reluctantly I've been touting for votes. That way I know at least I've tried.

Not obsessively, not constantly. Work, child and frantic rewrite/polish Just In Case means I don't have the time. I am posting a daily FB reminder and tweeting - although of course that just reaches people who would probably vote for me anyway (apart from my husband 'What? Every day? I have read it though.' Which makes a change, he usually doesn't.). But with a vote a day I need to make sure they remember.

So I am Very Sorry everyone who knows me. Hopefully I'll never badger you again this way (if I ever do have a book out I'll be a lot more subtle, I promise) and thank you to everyone who voted for Minty and Luca - here's the link just in case you want to do it again *ducks and hides*

and, in the interest of fairness my CP's ridiculously accomplished entry:


Charlotte Phillips said...

Have discovered that you can vote via roaming internet on smartphone so IP not reducing our family to one vote. Entire family now daily voting (except small one who is not allowed near any of the phones) :0) Cheers for the marvellous plugs, though third book in contract is causing so much grief am cleaning house rather than looking at it!

I do agree it's a shame about the comments, I am itching to comment on some of the entries and that part of New Voices was one of the best bits for me.

Lots of luck xx

Rose Red said...

Thanks for the votes and the RT's and all the support! Apparently the more grief a book is the better it is which means if Minty ever gets published she should be the first ever romance book to win the Booker (as I attempt rewrite no. 4). Good luck with no. 3 and make sure you keep us updated with the release date for the first!

Charlotte Phillips said...

Oh hell I feel your pain with the rewrite. Current MS really sucks. Have got nine chapters to read through today and am procrastinating because I know I will find it is cr*p.

Minty doesn't read like she's caused you grief, which is always a good thing!