Monday, 16 September 2013

She SHALL go to the ball

Up to now writing hasn't been the most glamorous of pursuits.
If there is no school run it involves pyjamas, if I do have to leave the house it involves the most pyjama like clothes I own.
There is a LOT of tea. And biscuits. And crumbs from said biscuits that get lodged in my keyboard so I yell and cry until my husband shakes them out and lectures me on not getting crumbs on the keyboard.
Sometimes it involves my lunch time at work, spilling soup on my work keyboard, sometimes wedging my keyboard behind the steering wheel of my car whilst daughter does ballet, gymnastics, athletics or whatever activity it happens to be.
Not glamorous.
And then, my two fairy godmothers, Fiona and Flo, said 'Jessica, you SHALL go to the ball'.

And lo it came to pass...
Last Friday I was the shiniest of new writers at the Annual Mills and Boon Authors' Association Lunch. And then I was the shiniest of new writers at the Mills & Boon Cocktail Party.
There was wine. And posh food.
There was a Ladies room so big it was bigger than my house. It had four large dressing tables and a Chaise Longue. Which I forgot to recline on.
There were many authors, famous, awe inspiring authors.
There was a goody bag with champagne and chocolate and nice smelling things.
I sat on a table with some amazing ladies including my brilliant Twitter friend Charlotte Phillips (@charlieflips) who it was lovely to meet in person at last.
There was more wine at Waterstones with the lovely Rachel Brimble.
There were cocktails (followed by wine, and nibbles, and macaroons) at the party where I met my editor and all the glamorous, sparkly Mills & Boon people. Who were very lovely (EVERYTHING was lovely!). Then next-shiniest-new-writer Christy McKellan and I drank more wine and ate hummus.
Then somehow I found my way back to my friend's house in South London without getting lost, losing a shoe or turning into a pumpkin.Miraculously.

I KNOW. Lush, right?
My aptly titled wonderland dress
Next morning many baby cuddles followed by a trip back to London for more wine with two old friends, the best kind there is, and a much anticipated trip to Tatty Devine where I finally got the necklace I had been promising myself as a reward if I ever got signed. It was slightly embarrassing removing the Tatty Devine necklace I was wearing and putting it into a box in which already resided two OTHER Tatty Devine necklaces and I don't need help, I can stop any time. I did choose my next three, four or five purchases while I was there.
And I made my train home with literally thirty seconds to spare and travelled home First Class to be met by my husband, daughter and pup. A Happy Ever After if I ever I heard one.

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