Monday, 15 November 2010

Labour of Hercules

If the gods had really wanted to defeat Hercules they should have made him a working mother, create a month full of lots of extra curricular activities and then just chuck a writing challenge in on top of it. I guarantee that the archetypal Greek hero would have been curled up in tears within a week begging for a nice monster to slaughter. Nanowrimo it even sounds like a hideous monster doesn't it?
It all started out so well, I thought Nano was a cute little cat, not a sabretoothed tiger, I was even ahead on word count and my story was going well as I toted my baby netbook around, typing happily at the gym, swimming pool, tennis courts. Then came the first weekend, I was child free for 24 hours, it was perfect! Except duty reared its ugly head (duty - an even nastier monster);I had agreed to start assistant cub leader training, it could be done online and the house was quiet - plus reasoned evil monster, Duty, it'll only take a couple of hours, fast forward 5 hours later and not a nano word done, but I knew how to fill in a risk assessment form.
Then came a 3 day conference,I wrote on the train there and felt confident I could catch up BUT my head was soon filled with knowledge that needed processing, there was an evening meal (and wine, lots of wine), more knowledge and a severe lack of sleep. My day off coincided with a teacher training day and my husband's birthday (inconsiderate, we'll need to change the date next year..)and I found myself cleaning, on my day off.
Weekend filled with more evil duty monster, trips to supermarket,a mountain of ironing. And of course there is a child that requires love and attention. Her solution is that I should have another baby then I can write instead of working, almost ingenious as long as the hypothetical baby didn't take after her and slept sometimes.
And it isn't stopping, a meeting Wed night, a social occasion Thurs and Fri, a concert Sat valuable Nano time frittered away on fun, family and friends. It's halfway through, I'm on 14,500 words and I am facing the nasty truth that I might not finish... but it isn't over yet.

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