Sunday, 28 November 2010

Slaying the beast

I did it! One full week of very neglectful parenting later I completed Nanowrimo two days early. My first feeling is one of intense relief I can read, watch TV, leave the house (if the snow ever stops falling that is), my second feeling is pride. I have sustained a story and grown characters over the course of an entire novel.
Write for Love was written with a very specific agenda in mind. Over and over during New Voices we were told that Mills n Boon were looking for certain things BUT we had to avoid cliches or at least make our use of them so innovative the cliche felt refreshed and new. My challenge to myself was to incorporate as many of those cliches as possible, try to find new angles for them whilst keeping the focus of the novel solely on the hero and heroine.
The plot is simple, a couple are reunited after a ten year estrangement. He is a high powered exec (cliche), she works for him (c), ten years ago they were madly in love until a misunderstanding forced a bitter estrangement (c), now he has returned to England to find her working in his office (c). He cannot believe that she has deviated from her chosen career path, she is now a regency novelist and she challenges him to write a novel in a month, the prize a weekend with her (C). A visit to her sees him meet with her son, a child he soon realised is his as well (c), can they put side their fear and mistrust and work things out?
Is it any good? Who knows! It is completely repetitive, bits drag, it obviously needs a huge edit and polish. What I don't know because I am far too close to it is it just an interesting exercise in developing a whole story arc and an emotional conflict or does it have potential? I need some external feedback here, anyone interested in reading it can go to it is log in only but send me a permission request and I'll grant it.
Right now I am tired but happy.I owe my husband lots of thanks for picking up all the housework and bedtimes for weeks (although the opportunity to stay up late to watch the Ashes is all the reward he needs), I owe my daughter 30 bedtime stories and a lot of cuddles and most of all thanks New Voices for all your encouragement, understanding and for taking this journey with me. I can't wait to read some of your work and I hope some of you find my little story worth a look.


Morton S Gray said...

Sounds great! When I've come down from my own Nano experience I'll take a look. Meanwhile lots of things need attention - bills, bathrooms and my writer's bottom! Lol. Well done. Mx

Julia Broadbooks said...

Conggrats on finishing. It's a huge effort, but one of the most thrilling things I've ever done. Even the thought of all that editing can't bring me down!