Friday, 30 September 2011

Finally - Making your mind up

So, after weeks of procrastination, stress, tears, tempers and basically driving everyone around me crazy I have submitted my New Voices entry.
This is the fourth rewrite of the third version (there were four in all), I also wrote 1500 words of an alternate that I loved so much but knew wasn't right for New Voices - instead I plan to write it my next book but one. I then had a panic attack about this chapter being too reliant on an external hook so I decided once and for all that I would submit my NWS first chapter. Three hours, one big yelling at my husband and storming off (to the bath), and whining at my crit group (it's all about me, ME, ME) I changed my mind, went back to Italian Cousin and two further rewrites. It's done, it's up, I tried to post a link but I can't seem to manage that AND treat you to classic Bucks Fizz making their mind up in early 80s style but pop along to www.romanceisnotdead and search for Rosy Gilmore (my new nom de plume, quite like it myself). Comments and ratings welcomed. Now it's time to edit Spring Fling... Apologies for the lack of paragraphs, Blogger's new format is baffling me at the moment...

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Alexandra said...

Good luck, Jessica! It's a great story. Loved the blast from the past in the form of Bucks Fizz.