Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Calm before the storm

Right now the editors at Romance HQ are drinking their 20th coffee of the day, munching on pizza and donuts and arguing the respective merits of over 1000 entries. 
Yes - over 1000. Over 200 more than last year. 400 entries were submitted in the last weekend alone, entrants nervously polishing right up to the last second following the example of last year's winner, Leah Ashton, who famously submitted late. The top 20 will be announced on Thursday, early evening if they follow last year's pattern.
One entry amongst those 1000 is mine http://www.romanceisnotdead.com/Entries/509-Her-Italian-Fiances-Cousin
I have had some lovely comments and for a while (a brief while) I was riding high at the top of the rankings - only to fall as the rosebombers came out in force. How old and experienced we second-timers felt remembering the exact same dramatic ratings fall last year.
I wanted to be calmer this year, for it to matter less especially as I am halfway through editing Summer Fling, an actual finished book I plan to submit very, very soon. But I find I do care. I want to final and yet there are so very many accomplished entries, so many deserving finalists.
Luckily this year I have support, not just my long-suffering husband, but lovely, fabulous fellow writers who offer advice, ears to rant in, keen eyes to spot mistakes - both typos and glaring plot holes and who tell me that I will do it, maybe not this story, maybe not this competition but one day. Thank you, you all know who you are, I would have given up long ago without you. x


Charlotte Phillips said...

Hi Rosy. Nail biting isn't it! The standard was so high that I can't imagine I'm in with a shot, I read tons of entries I thought were worthy. On the upside I got some great feedback and I've found some new blogs to lurk around! Lots of luck with your entry which I thoroughly enjoyed. X

Rose Red said...

Thanks Charlotte - I really enjoyed your entry too, very bitter sweet yet funny too! I learned loads last year, I hope this year ends up being so positive even if I don't get through.