Friday, 14 October 2011

Post storm

Looking back at all this, when I am (hopefully) a published author with several books under my belt, I will probably find the New Voices frenzy funny.Remembering the constant, desperate checking of emails. The hope I was clinging to long after I knew the finalists must have been emailed. Reading the list on my tiny phone screen whilst watching my daughter swing round some parallel bars and choking back shameful tears.
Yep, one day this will be funny.
Today, not so funny, but not so desperately terrible either. No, I didn't win, or even come close. But now I have time to edit my finished novel, editing I am doing with the guidance of my NWS report written by an established M&B author who loved it. And when that's finished and submitted - submitted not through the slush pile but through NWS which is a brilliant opportunity - then I have Minty and Luca's story waiting to be written.
So really I am very lucky.

I hope the 1046 disappointed entrants are also looking at the positives. Rejection is hard, even (especially) when it's the third, fourth, fifth time around. Harder even, people tell you you're close, that they love your voice. There's a lot further to fall when you know you are almost there. But if you give up, say 'It's not fair', whine, complain and don't grow then you weren't ready to be a published writer after all.
Because if I've learnt anything over the last year it's this (well, along with lots of crafty bits and pieces that would ruin this post so I'll conveniently ignore them): It doesn't get any easier being published. You still have to write, submit, get feedback you don't want to hear and cope with 1* reviews on websites. Are you ready for that? Am I ready for that?

There's only one way to find out. Keep writing, keep submitting, keep learning.
And don't give up.


Catherine Coles said...

Fabulously positive post and yes, you must write Minty & Luca's story because there are a ton of people waiting to read it :-}

And the tears, definitely not shameful, understandable. At least I hope they are because I had them too!!

Doris O'Connor said...

Fabulous blog post! And so true, you'll get there :-)

Susie Medwell said...

Lovely post. Good luck with your WIP. I think NV is a great opportunity, but just one of the many routes to publication :-)

Alexandra said...

NV was an amazing if tension filled experience. I confess I didn't cry, but did feel a tiny little bit of disappointment. Relief at not having to produce a second chapter and pivotal moment in such a tight deadline was the more dominant emotion. Good luck with Summer Fling and with Minty and Luca's story.

Xandra James said...

I love your writing. And I'm absolutely convinced you'll be published soon. I, for one, would LOVE to read Minty's story :)

Well done for staying positive in all the NV frenzy, now go get writing again!! ;D xx

Julia Broadbooks said...

I think it is so important to not give in to the negative emotions. Some days it's an absolute battle to remain upbeat, but it's a fight that is always worth it. Life is too wonderful to squander it choosing to be unhappy.

Marguerite Kaye said...

Tears are allowed, they show you care, but well done you for picking yourself up and getting on with it, and most importantly learning from it. If you want it enough, and you're willing to listen to what people who know tell you (and you'd be astonished at the number of writers who don't!), you'll get there. Loads of luck and keep writing.

Charlotte Phillips said...

I loved your entry and have no doubt you will make it. You are so right, the journey is a constant mix of positives and negatives and the trick is to enjoy the highs and not get crushed by the lows. Not always easy.

Rose Red said...

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. I was proud of my NV entry and have every intention of carrying on - as I hope the writers of all my favourite chapters do.
And Good Luck Charlotte. It's a great entry!