Monday, 31 October 2011

A Rosy by any other name would smell so sweet

To pen name or not to pen name – that is the question. 

Okay, enough of the adapted- Shakespearean quotations. 

My name is VERY common – and too far down the alphabet list so this year I entered New Voices with a pseudonym, Rosy Gilmore. Rosy to fit in with my twitter name @yrosered, Gilmore because I want to live in Stars Hollow (DON'T JUDGE ME).

 I love social media and am pretty active already Tweeting, Facebooking and blogging. Only that is all under my real name; if I am going to have a pen name then do I need to start building up that online presence now?
But, on the other hand, social media is pretty time consuming, having a dual identity will mean double the time. More blogging, tweeting equals less time to write. There isn't much point having a great internet identity if I don't actually produce anything.
Also if I ever do achieve my dream and get a contract with M&B the editors will have their own views about pen names – if they don't like Rosy Gilmore all that extra tweeting will be wasted!

On the other hand mixing personal and professional personas can get tricky. A couple of Harlequin authors were tweeting about the forthcoming presidential election – or rather their intentions not to tweet about it because their viewpoint was bound to conflict with half their readerships' political leanings. Wise words and very good advice, only I take my politics very seriously indeed, my Twitter timeline a bizarre mixture of political types and romance writers plus anyone else that interests and amuses me. I don't want to alienate or upset any potential readers but neither do I want to stop tweeting about things that inspire me, about the things that make me ME..

The truth is all this is a long way away, I need to have some interest in my writing first – then I'll worry about what name I am going to use!

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