Friday, 27 April 2012

Time wasting

It's Friday aka day off paid work, aka writing day. Even better this is a Friday before a weekend free of any obligations (except 8yo's drama lessons and the supermarket) and I'm skiving off Cubs tonight so I have a LOT of writing time.
I can finish new chapter.
I can edit last two chapters.
I can print it off and send it to the RNA only a month behind self imposed schedule.

Things I am doing instead of making good use of writing time.

  • Blogging (cough)
  • Reading other people's blogs (right now I am loving Jennifer Armintrout's liveblog of Fifty Shades of Grey - whether you love this book, loathe it or, like me, have no intention of ever reading it but will commit acts of violence against the next newspaper to get their knickers in a sweaty twist over it whilst describing it gleefully as 'Mommy Porn' this is a very, very funny read. Also recommend Ladycurd's funny, sweet and poignant letters but actually any blog I follow is pretty good - there's a list to the left of this.)
  • Reading the Guardian cover to cover and posting articles online, sometimes with pithy comments, sometimes silence speaks for itself (or I can't think of a pithy comment)
  • Resisting the urge to click through to provocative Mail online articles (have not linked to the Mail, it's not good for you)
  • Twitter
  • Considering ranting blog post about the whole Mommy Porn thing
  • Making too many cups of tea
  • Staring into cupboards to see if I did buy biscuits but just forgot
  • Staring out of window
  • Triple checking weather forecast and hoping cub camp won't be too soggy
  • Playing with Groove Shark
  • Checking my email every five mins to see if there has been a Fast Track response yet  (not yet)
  • Opening up word document and sighing
  • Start the whole list again...

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