Wednesday, 2 May 2012

My perfect writing day

Today was a normal day. A rushed, stressed, busy day. Up, late as usual, rush through shower, try to do something with unmanageable hair, breakfast, row with 8yo over time wasting, rush to school laden with swim bag (her), lunch (both of us), bags (both). Drop 8yo off at school, go to work. Work. Leave, post office to drop off NWS manuscript (eek), pick up 8yo. Home laden with wet swim stuff and violin. Mother for tea. Cook, rubbish out, bathe and wash 8yo's hair. Row with 8yo over saying no to TV and pudding. Read to her, put her to bed.

No writing today as I am having a week's reading break between sending off Minty to the NWS and tackling revisions on Summer Fling. But if I was writing then in that day, somehow, I would have to write 1000 words.

When I walk to work, when I'm not plotting, I slip into a fantasy world. Sometimes this is a serious consideration of how I'd spend a lottery win. In my fantasy world I am very generous to friends, family and charities and then spend an obscene amount of time furnishing my dream house. Once I've wasted more time deciding between town, coast and country. Or all three. Or a second home in Italy or Austria.

Other times I daydream that I am a full time writer.

My full time writer self isn't stressed. No grooming time required, she dresses in running gear because ftw me drops 8yo off at school and goes straight for a 5k run. Every morning. ftw me is very fit. She is accompanied by the family dog, a mythical but much longed for animal who mostly resembles a daschund but occasionally is a red setter.

Home (jogged of course). Shower, casually but comfortably chic clothes and writing. All day. No wandering into the kitchen staring desperately into cupboards hoping chocolate magically appears but disciplined writing, snacking on fruit and nuts.

Pick up 8yo, dog in tow. Activities and well planned evening meal. More writing before glass of wine (just the one) and a good book..

Okay ftw me is a little bit dull. We all know the truth would involve more tweeting less jogging, more snacking less planning. The dog would be nice though.

Who knows if it will ever happen but one thing's for sure. If I don't keep writing, keep submitting it's definitely not a possibility. So scary as entering the fast track is, as waiting for my NWS report is, as hard as it is to find time to write, I have to keep going.

Or win the lottery.


Alison said...

I feel your pain about the busyness of days.

Loving your perfect writing day - and the idea for a home in Italy or Austria, now I'd definitely visit!

Good luck with the manuscript, mine is sadly in limbo while I finish studying...

Jessica Hart said...

But how would that lovely little dachsund be able to keep up with you on his short legs???

I laughed a lot at your vision of yourself as a ftw. Your fantasy uncannily like mine - after 20+ years as ftw, still a fantasy I'm afraid. Now, must go and buy a lotter ticket ...

Julia Broadbooks said...

Now you spending some of you lottery winnings to come to Disney, right?