Saturday, 18 January 2014

Pretty pretty things

I knew better. I knew that getting into Pinterest would only lead to compulsive pinning of pretty, pretty things. That's why I was determined to resist.
But, a little voice insisted, wouldn't it be useful. For erm, plotting, and thinking, and visualising? As for getting addicted, I was strong. I could handle it. It would be for work purposes only.
And so I paid the site a visit. Put together a mood board for The Return of Mrs Jones. So. Much. Fun.
Another one quickly followed, after all Summer With the Millionaire needed one too and if that meant searching through many pictures of Rufus Sewell well, it's hard work being a romance writer. Book Three was feeling very left out so obviously I needed to make a third board.
Still not addicted.
The boards for recipes and inspirations and books I love and places are all perfectly respectable and purely for research purposes. As is my Tatty Devine wishlist.
See, I am completely in control.
If you need me I'll be over on Pinterest. Researching.
See you there...


Charlotte Phillips said...

Oh blimey it's such a timesuck. But such an essential one! And I just love the VW vibe of it all! *dashes off to search Tom Hardy pics* x

Jessica Gilmore said...

I just want to create an entire VW board then move into it!