Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The Bear Necessities

I have a theory. It's not exactly scientific but hey, people make fortunes out of theories with absolutely no scientific basis so why not me? (*immediately copyrights theory in order to write bestselling self-help book*)
My theory is that people once lived like bears in a Disney film. Or possibly a John Lewis advert.

As the nights drew in and the leaves turned we in turn turned to comfort food, bulking up on crumbles and pies, cakes and casseroles, tins of Quality Street adding the necessary fat stores we needed to get us through the long, cold, barren winter. The whole fattening process ending with a great Winter Festival of food, drink, excess and more food until, exhausted, we crawled into our cave, pulled on our thermal onesies and slept through until Spring when we woke, miraculously thin, hungry and ready to jump into mountain streams to spear spawning salmon.
It makes sense doesn't it? All that feasting has a purpose. We don't need to make resolutions to get rid of the excess, it melts away as we sleep. And best of all we get to skip January and February, swapping dark, icy mornings for one long, heavenly snooze.
Bears have it good!
That pretty much sums up my Christmas and New Year. For the first time ever it was just me, OH, 10yo and pup and we have spent most of the holidays hidden away like medieval hermits on a binge; feasting (on food and on the last two seasons of Sherlock ready for tonight's revelations!), living in pyjamas, indulging in lazy days of reading (me), Lego (10yo), watching sport (OH). It's been blissful.
And we all feel completely refreshed.
It makes going into the New Year so much easier, ready to take up the mantles of our busy lives with a new spring in our step. Our resolutions are short and doable, more a continuation of the best that we do rather than unrealistic, lofty achievements (except 10yo's promise to keep her room tidy. That is aiming very high).
Mine are: 1000 words a day, 2 fasting days a week, to try and see the good in every situation.
See? Doable.
Imagine how much more doable they would be if I could just carry on hibernating until the first of March!


Charlotte Phillips said...

Happy new year! We had a quiet xmas too and it was lovely. Hope 2014 is a fantastic one for you x

Jessica Gilmore said...

Thanks Charlotte and the same to you x